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Swim & Dive Records
(updated August 1, 2017)

Well Relay Records
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All Star Qualifying Times are set by MCSL. The qualifying times can be found here.

Country Glen Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding swimming and diving achievement and to create a goal for all team members. Eligibility for the Swim Team Hall of Fame is based upon achievement of one or more of the following:

  • MCSL Individual Record Holder
  • Two years winning individual MCSL championships, in either the All-Star or Coaches Invitational Long Course Meet
  • Five years participation in the individual All-Star or Coaches Invitational Long Course meets
  • Participation in twelve events in the Individual All-Star or Coaches Invitational Long Course Meets
  • Eight finishes in the top eight in the individual All-Star and/or the top four in the Coaches Invitational Long Course meets
  • Five team or pool records, one of which may be a team relay record

Note: Individual All-Star meets include the top 16 MCSL seeds in each event; Coaches Invitational Long Course meets include the top 8 MCSL seeds in each event.

Dive Team Hall of Fame requirements:

  • MCDL Record Holder
  • MCDL All Star Meet winner
  • 2 finishes in the top 3 of the All Star Meet
  • 5 finshes in the top 8 of the MCDL All-Star meet
  • Team records in 2 or more age groups

Note: Diver must be on the team for 5 years and participate in a minimum of 25 meets to be considered for the Hall of Fame in any category. Hall of Fame awards will not be awarded until at least a year after diver has aged out of eligibility.